Company Overview And Research Of Cadbury Management Essay

Company Overview And Review Of Cadbury Management Essay

Cadbury is world’s leading confectionery brand .Providing varieties of chocolates, gums and candies to distinct age groups of consumers. They employ a lot more than 46,000 personnel across 60 countries. Background tells us that Cadburys was possessed by British business .In 1824 it had been founded by John Cadbury and opened up its first outlet in Birmingham. His ideals and traditions can be seen in his company aswell. His authentic belief in liquor increasing poverty rate forced him to bring in chocolates, cocoa, tea at his shop as an option for people. Around 1842, John’s brother collaborated to form Cadburys Brothers Of Birmingham but after six years they separated as a result of John’s ill health insurance and his wife passed on .In 1889, John passed away and left his company to his two sons George and Richard .After few years George and Richard began gaining profits and expanded their business . Their chocolates demonstrated increment on every stage. In 2010 2010 February, American Kraft Company acquired Cadburys regardless of numerous protests.

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Kraft can be an American Company were only available in 1903 in Chicago as a wholesale cheese manufacturer .In 2007, Kraft started to be autonomous. According to Kraft CEO-Rosenfeld,the reason for fusion of Kraft and Cadburys is that ,”If Cadbury will standalone afterward opportunities for Cadburys benefit creation will be fewer and Cadburys would gain profit from Kraft’s world’s network”. On the other side Kraft would also earn benefit from Cadburys Indian and Mexican market segments. As soon as both fused together they’ll form a giant organization in confectionery marketplace owning 40 confectionery brands.


Cadburys success lies in their control .They use different kind of management to get very best out of their labor and accomplish goals successfully.According to Christopher and Sumantra,”Todays operating environment in lots of worldwide businesses demands more than efficient central administration and flexible operations”.Cadburys organizational style lies between hierarchical and flat structure but additional of democratic .They does not have many layers in toned structure.So decision building is quite fast and clear. In hierarchical ,decisions are produced from top and passed on to the lower personnel.According to cadburys,” guidelines from manager are offered to the clerical support assistants”.Below they happen to be disussed in detail :

Autocratic management

Democratic management

Consultative management

Paternalistic management


In this administration decision is made by bureaucratic or a manager without consulting any subordinates.Decision making is fast because no other personnel is involved to provide new ideas or recommendations and well managed business is an outcome .According to Peter (2006),”Oxford english dictionary call up Autocracy as absolute government by one individual”.Centralization management is their trait in this .They control the privileges and duties of different divisions and departments.Figure 2 shows autocratic style of management :

Managing Director







In democratic, staff work in a team.Workers give different thought and ideas .This management is effective for cadburys since it helps them to get more from their workers by motivating them.Emloyees produce but work in this management is bit slow compared to autocratic because time can be wasted in collecting idea.

Figure 3: Shows gradual process under democratic supervision.

Democratic management can be decribed through Mckenzie’s 7s model :








Figure 4: McKenzie’s 7-s version (Pascale & Athos, 1981; Peters & Waterman, 1982)

McKenzie’s 7-s model is established in 1980s. This number 4 shows how company work by sharing values among their staff. A BUSINESS (Cadburys) plan to become successful by employed in a team .Based on the exterior environment they change to be able to face competition or even to meet consumer changing demands. Organization arrange for coming tomorrows, they appear where they are now and what they need to do to get achievements in future (Ansof, I .1965).

Cadburys employees do know companies goals, strategies and also have common beliefs which avoid employee’s turnover percentage and interior conflicts. They welcome brand-new ideas and different cultures. Honesty and legitimate way is situated in their business all the

Way. Hardworking and competition level can be saturated in their strategy but they do it rather. Staffs keep changing to get best qualified labor. Cadburys quality assurance is assured.HR keeps a check on employees, training of new staff and plans ahead .The most significant is incentives and rewards for personnel which impel them to job harder and also to hamper their rivals according to Rafaella (2009).And managers use easy and simple ways to communicate with their labor force -email, telephone, video tutorial conferencing, data file transfer etc.


Consultative management is a mixture of both autocratic and democratic administration. Head of business take concepts from there working power and eventually have decision by their own. By applying this kind of management both staff and managers are pleased because both given equivalent importance.

Advisory Board

General Manager Marketing Department

Research and Development Department

Finance Department

Production Department

Figure 5: Explains consultative management.


In this management, internal environment of the organizational is normally kept incredibly fatherly .Staff are if they each is a large family. Management manages employee’s free health insurance and recreation. There needs are fulfilled without providing them with any rights .Paternalistic control neutralize autocratic management design.


Employee 1st Worker 2nd Employee 3rd Official

Figure 6: Displays teamwork leads to boom in an organization.


Though being a giant business in confectionery marketplace and well find out- how of their vision, mission and strategy, Cadburys faced numerous challenges as well.

Problems Of Past:

They experienced a problem within HR department because of unskilled personnel, competition from externals and employees turnover percent was growing, but somehow Cadburys handled this problem giving them incentives, pay out leaves and rewards. Their staffs thought and recommendations were also listened to make them feel that they are a family.

Cadburys access into French marketplace was another big issue due to behavior of French client .According to BBC information (March, 2000) Cadbury asked Kraft to take over there French gums and sweets items to be able to gain French market. As per chief executive John Sunderland, “Kraft’s food give us entry into French sweets and gums industry “.

Cadburys journey from 1824 till date showed a number of ups and downs, today it is world’s number one chocolate producing company. After gaining very good profit and image their goods reached a maturity level but before their product express decline in a graph they created Cadburys special event pack and bandhan (Indian market) in order to again get a growth stage.

S Introduction Expansion Maturity Decline







7: Product Life Routine (PLC)


The working class want and food cravings makes them keep working hard for a better life. Over 200 years’ devices replacing men but still growing. Cadburys employ more than 46,000 workers around the world. Each Cadburys factories contain one HR in order to provide training, incentives and resolve staffs grievances. But recently Cadburys replaced their workers by effective devices which cause unemployment .Poverty, pauperism and misery increased all over.HR also facing difficulty to find skilled labor which led to skill-gap. Even competition from other organization creates a shortage of experienced workforce.

As per Margaret Heffernan in March 2010, trust is the driving force for everything, two months when negotiation was going on between Cadburys and Kraft then simply Kraft promised that they won’t close Cadburys production unit having 400 workforces. But after a takeover, Kraft broke their promise which brings about protest from Cadburys personnel all over UK”. Regardless of facing opposition during acquisition, Kraft failed to gain self-assurance in consumer’s eyes and declined in reputation. Kraft’s forget to provide importance to the tradition .To get over this complication Kraft should gain trust and respect by breaking forget about promise normally this will causes failure of Kraft’s organization in UK.

Apart from this, Cadburys started facing difficulty when it comes to health problem. Folks are more towards eating healthful snacks. Obesity in children and pattern towards the healthy life, creating a problem on the market.

Figure 10: Obese Kids (Estimated) Number of children between 2-15 (“000″s)

Source: National Centre for Social Health /Division of Health

Previously all snack foods were asked to transport clear warnings of calories on their packaging .As per David Hinchliffe (MP, Chairman, Overall health Select Committee), reported by BBC media (27 November,2003) that “consumer should know, how much they must burn after consumption of so very much calories”.


Changing behavior of consumers can be a big threat to their organization .People getting more into healthy food. “Should you be healthy then you are rich “is what they have confidence in now.


-Giant brands earn a good respect from their


-Management structure

-Effective in chocolates, gums pursuasive essay and candies


– close of production units

-Contaminated chocolates produced.

-Performance in Asian industry was not good enough in



– can offer their products


-Nowadays with Kraft, can spread in regions where

they didn’t display their existence before.


-from cereals as they taking over market because of change in consumer style.

-from companies producing zero fat or sugar free of charge chocolates.

– innovating in order to maintain relationship with consumers.

Source: SWOT Analysis, The very best ten global leaders in foodstuff.

Cadburys need to keep a check up on consumers buying trend .Cereals becoming there key danger like Kellogg’s and muesli. Unlike cereals, chocolates consist of fats, carbohydrates and glucose which are hazardous when taken an excessive amount of. As per there website ( “we don’t specialized in low fat chocolates and we usually do not produce diabetic bars under the Cadburys label”.

Figure 13: Shows varieties of Kellogg’s product



Building relationship with Cadburys

Kraft obtained Cadburys under critical conditions .Further; closed down of Cadburys development unit leads them to face more criticism. To deal up with this problem, their management should act as a corporate .They should know about a lifestyle of the alien nation .Where, how and what they need should be clear to them .According to Robert J.Aiello and Michael D.Watkins, reported in Harvard business assessment (November-December 2000),”That the majority of M & A fail because of corporate manager’s habit, they are instant in everything, they want to buy this company they start looking what it’s worth, offer less and see what they can get it”. There should be a solid team who are accountable for taking decision and accountable for explaining others about the problems and progress. Regarding to Ronald and Suzanne, “successful businesses have an integrating manager which is temporary in a few and their job is to show a means out of vital situation”. Whenever there can be any problem or another critical situation in Kraft’s future they must be ready with their exceptional integrating managers .He is a personnel who is having a global class experience, having very good management abilities and deep understanding of a organization. They make a structure and be a social communication between your two companies.

Employment to the labors

As per Jerry E.,” Labor intensive techniques should be appreciated due to less cost in production (cheap labor). And in many industries, labor is plentiful relating to the capital. For underdeveloped countries, labor force is the main push for the production”. Business before replacing labor force should look for the price tag on labor and machines. It won’t be worthwhile if a little inclusion of labor will cost much less. Cadburys replaced labor but different labors are needed in order to build machines .It’s not that machinery replaced labor it is the organization, in any other case labor and machinery could be made to interact effectively .As per Michael,”factory staff are better than homeworker because of more wide use of machinery. But slow employee can be made productive and wages improved without different machinery’s. Cadburys can competent labor by increasing wages “.

Health Issue:

Dietary and Sugar No cost Products

Cadbury versus Whey

In 2004, World Well being Organization reported that obesity touched a peak level on global level.Dietary item showed a tremendous development. There are few chocolate companies who have launched dietary items like Whey chocolate firm (source- ) -“The largest breakthrough in chocolate innovation! Your tastebuds won’t know the difference, but your body will”.


It is distinct that Cadburys will need an development otherwise there product existence cycle is near the end. Cadburys have an opportunity that it’s already known all over ,once they introduce fat free and sugar free products it will not take them long to fully capture the market slope of tangent line calculator.

Figure 16: Displays assumed Cadburys sugar no cost (future)

Cereals versus Cadburys

As trend is shifting towards extra of cereals intake, Cadburys also needs to introduce there breakfast product line, so as to wipe them or promote portion of their profit.

As per Mintel article, Kellogg’s lead two marketplaces, manufacturing and retail share markets. However there is a decline in a few sector of cereals as well but it’s not in worst condition though. There will be two sector s, children and adult sector which remain growing up. Specifically in UK, there is definitely upward tendency. And if Cadburys enter into cereals they should be careful about the marketplace. Cadburys should have a strong management and good strategy to overcome them.

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