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Techsmith, known for its excellent screen usage, SnagIt and their screencast tool, Camtasia, developed jing products in Jing. This design makes it easy to capture video and image on the screen and work with one click and let it share with your friends.

interface itself, in its form of life, almost seems to be using the internet instead of a real program. The Jing menu is carefully located on the side of the screen and can be called at any time. The vanguard can lightweight for the first timebe set. You set the search string series, where you should focus on the area of ​​the screen you want to delete. Then you can choose whether to take a video or take a photo. The program has some limited editing tools, such as: Text, Color or Arrow, but often enough.

The history feature in Jing is nice and shows your final image as a little bit you open by pressing twice. For part, you must log in to make it work late.

AlthoughJing is often late, but it is a perfect pair for those whoto create basic and random screencasts.


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