How long is a 1500 word essay?

How long is a 1500 word essay?

A 1500 words essay is a slightly long essay concerning many topics but how long exactly is it? Page approximation continues to boggle the mind of writers, especially for the inexperienced students who get confused the moment teachers say “write a 5-pages essay” or get petrified at the thought of hearing “write a 1500 words” or 2000 word essay for that matter since they will use most of the words registered in their vocabulary just to squeeze in the word count. Though not often, those with enough experience also face the difficulty of approximating an essay’s word count like those needed to be published or peer-reviewed.

To find out how many pages a 1500 words essay, the writer must take into consideration the font-size since usually, the spacing, and not the font style used (considering most fonts in Microsoft Word or other document programs try to maintain the same size as the other fonts) when writing their piece. Say for example, the author used Times New Roman, font-size 12 and double spacing, in a regular word document, it can fit up to 370 words per page, but that is without any sentence breaks and an approximate of 300 words per page with sentence breaks. If the author were to use the same font style and size but the spacing would be single space then they would be able to fit an approximate of 550 per page without sentence break and 500+ words with sentence breaks. Now, should the writer then change font-size then that also entails a different word count considering a smaller size such as a switch from font-size 12 to font-size 10 entails an almost 400 word count in a single page and more than 550+ words should it be single spaced so if estimated based on the normal font-size and spacing used, then a 1500 words essay may be a 5 to 6 pages essay for double spaced or 3 pages for single spaced.


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